We light our chalice for respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
We light this chalice; To celebrate the sun and stars that float in the open air; The apple-shaped Earth, and we upon it. 
Walt Whitman, adapted
Story: Bird Mother by Erin Dajka from What If Nobody Forgave and Other Stories
Book: Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story by Lisa Webster Peters
DVDs: • A Family Undertaking: POV
• Food, Inc
• Into the Wild
• King Korn
• Praying with Lior

Give gifts in honor of Earth and/or its creatures Examples: - start a compost pile - put a small bowl of water on your table or altar; provide small stones or marbles for all to drop in and name people, animals, etc. that are connected to your small circle - recycle bottles and cans and donate the money to an environmental group - rescue an animal from a shelter, or donate food or time to the local shelter - hold an outdoor worship service or bonfire (dress warm!)

*DVD suggestions from Sharon BarlowPalm