We light our chalice for the goal of world peace, liberty and justice for all.
We can never make the world safe by fighting. Every nation must learn that the people of all nations are children of the divine, and must share the wealth of the world. You may say this is impractical, can never be accomplished, But it is the work we are called to do. Sometime, somehow, somewhere, we must ever teach this great lesson. Olympia Brown (1st woman ordained a minister; by the Universalists, in 1853), adapted
Song: We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands
Story: A Good Idea by Judy Campbell from What If Nobody Forgave and Other Stories
Book: The Peace Book by Todd Parr
DVDs: • Into the Arms of Strangers*
• Muslims*
• The Secret Life of Words*

Give gifts in honor of the global community Examples: - volunteer with an organization that has global influence - write a letter for amnesty international - help your social justice committee hold a fundraiser - donate to a cause such as UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, etc.

*DVD suggestions from Sharon BarlowPalm